The Gaslamp Killer – When I’m In Awe (ft. Gonjasufi).

Gaslamp Killer is another one of those LA producers who I should have been checking for a year and a half ago, but instead I’m going to peep his new EP Death Gate and then stumble through his discog ass backwards. “When I’m In Awe” sounds like something the Swamp..

Seu Jorge & Almaz – Everybody Loves The Sunshine.

City of God and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, two of my all-time favorite movies, have one man in common: the throaty, gravelly-voiced Brazilian crooner Seu Jorge. For the latter, Jorge recorded an entire album of acoustic David Bowie covers, which I listen to whenever I’ve had my fill..

Paul White – Ancient Treasure (ft. Guilty Simpson).

Guilty Simpson is the underground Busta Rhymes when it comes to collaborations. In this case, Guilty lent some bars to Paul White’s “Ancient Treasure” for a 12″ that will come with the deluxe version of the album Paul White & The Purple Brain, which is some nasty neo-psych rock. Guilty’s..

Metal Lungies @ The Voodoo Experience 2009, Preview.

[Dj01 Note: ML is back at The Voodoo Experience, one of the most prominent music festivals, kicks off in New Orleans tomorrow, and we have dispatched Julie, a talented and up & coming writer to cover all the festivities. Enjoy Julie’s picks below, with live coveritlive/twitter coverage to come throughout..

Guilty Simpson & Oh No – My Time To Shine (produced by Egon, Oh No).

Off the Forge Your Own Chains 45, a limited edition bonus that comes with Forge Your Own Chains Heavy Psychedelic Ballads and Dirges 1968-1974. Tell ‘em, Stones Throw: With the same detailed, no-stone-unturned approach he used for deep funk on The Funky 16 Corners and Cold Heat, Egon’s Now-Again Records..


Presumably you’ve heard of this videogame. Everything about this clip is great, especially the cartoon renderings of the Beatles. Giant elephantmen? Walruses? Bring it on. Sphere: Related Content

Black Lips – The Drop I Hold (Remix ft.GZA).

Via Exclaim! Okay, this is a few days old, but it’s worth hearing. Not as surprising of a combo as you might expect. GZA  made a few appearances on the Atlanta garage rock band’s SXSW tour, and seem to have become fast friends. As for the track itself, it’s…interesting. The..

Fa Fa Fa Funky.

[youtube][/youtube] Did you know that Dee Dee of the Ramones recorded a rap album as Dee Dee King in 1989? This single is not on the album but still terrible and entertaining in a kind of car-wreck way. Seek out the whole album if you hate your ears. I like..