Seu Jorge & Almaz – Everybody Loves The Sunshine.

City of God and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, two of my all-time favorite movies, have one man in common: the throaty, gravelly-voiced Brazilian crooner Seu Jorge. For the latter, Jorge recorded an entire album of acoustic David Bowie covers, which I listen to whenever I’ve had my fill..

Paul White – Ancient Treasure (ft. Guilty Simpson).

Guilty Simpson is the underground Busta Rhymes when it comes to collaborations. In this case, Guilty lent some bars to Paul White’s “Ancient Treasure” for a 12″ that will come with the deluxe version of the album Paul White & The Purple Brain, which is some nasty neo-psych rock. Guilty’s..

Metal Lungies @ The Voodoo Experience 2009, Preview.

[Dj01 Note: ML is back at The Voodoo Experience, one of the most prominent music festivals, kicks off in New Orleans tomorrow, and we have dispatched Julie, a talented and up & coming writer to cover all the festivities. Enjoy Julie’s picks below, with live coveritlive/twitter coverage to come throughout..

Guilty Simpson & Oh No – My Time To Shine (produced by Egon, Oh No).

Off the Forge Your Own Chains 45, a limited edition bonus that comes with Forge Your Own Chains Heavy Psychedelic Ballads and Dirges 1968-1974. Tell ‘em, Stones Throw: With the same detailed, no-stone-unturned approach he used for deep funk on The Funky 16 Corners and Cold Heat, Egon’s Now-Again Records..


Presumably you’ve heard of this videogame. Everything about this clip is great, especially the cartoon renderings of the Beatles. Giant elephantmen? Walruses? Bring it on. Sphere: Related Content

Black Lips – The Drop I Hold (Remix ft.GZA).

Via Exclaim! Okay, this is a few days old, but it’s worth hearing. Not as surprising of a combo as you might expect. GZA  made a few appearances on the Atlanta garage rock band’s SXSW tour, and seem to have become fast friends. As for the track itself, it’s…interesting. The..

Fa Fa Fa Funky.

[youtube][/youtube] Did you know that Dee Dee of the Ramones recorded a rap album as Dee Dee King in 1989? This single is not on the album but still terrible and entertaining in a kind of car-wreck way. Seek out the whole album if you hate your ears. I like..

Phish Lights Up Hampton in Reunion

(img source) So, if you haven’t heard about Phish’s comeback tour after breaking up in 2004, then you must be living under a rock. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get tickets to their three night opening run at Hampton Coliseum in Virginia, but the band was kind enough to release free soundboards..