Voodoo Festival 2007 Review.

Ed Note: We were supposed to head out to the Voodoo Festival, but last minute plans got in the way of that. Luckily we had ML homie & NO native Randon step in and file this report & photos:

Yo, what up to all the Metal Lungies out there. Recently ML was in the N.O (New Orleans, duh!) for the Voodoo Festival. I arrived at about 7:30pm the first night for Rage Against the Machine‘s performance. They killed it, this was my first time at the fest, so I had no Idea what to expect. The first place I went to was the Playstation trailer, talk about flat screens, PSP’s and a shit load of PS3′s in there, it was a game nerd’s heaven up in there, and the playstation chicks were hot as hell. Back to the evening, well, I got a chance to get up and close for the first 3 songs of RATM’s performance, I had a shitty camera so the shots sucked but at least I got to see them lol, just kidding. Between them arriving on stage and performing the first couple of songs, about 3 people passed out and maybe 5 were escorted away for crowd surfing, they took a 5 minute intermission them came back out and rocked the crowd. They closed the set with “Killing in the name of” then I left and went home.

Lots of bands were on the horizon, Djlethal01 aka Rockville’s finest told me about the electric performance of a band called Mute Math, so I checked that out, and it was crazy! It was the second day and it was the day time performance on the main stage. The hottest part of the set was when the drummer hopped on top of the keyboard and drummed his solo on the f*ckin keyboard, that was wild. Also the lead singer/keyboardist brought out his grandpa on stage, the old guy was hilarious. Because of it being light outside of course I got a chance to see the crazy people out there, a bunch of acid head chicks were hoola hooping and I got a chance to semi-stalk them throughout the day, it was funny because the company they kept were even weirder than they were. I saw a pirate couple walking around them also some lady with a hideous mask on, both sightings scared the shit out of me.

I got a chance to eat some food on the second day as well, it was nothing like I thought it would be, being a native New Orleanian, I expected more, I never heard of any of theses people that had stands set up, I gave a few the benefit of the doubt and ended up spitting out the food asap. The best thing to eat/drink there was the lemonade, real talk. I did find a cool tent that was selling some run/dmc looking shirts that read “Defend” and it had New Orleans in the middle.

Although the food sucked, the people were funny looking, and did I mention a car wreck I had after the second day?, it was a cool festival, Mute Math made it all worth my while and RATM’s performance of “killing in the name of” was also crazy. I’ll definitely go again, but maybe next time I’ll catch the bus or streetcar.

Check out Randon’s pictures on this Flickr gallery here.
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