Hip Hop + Art


Hip Hop + Art: RIP Nate Dogg.

When I heard the legendary (and I’m not using that term in a throwaway fashion) Nate Dogg died, I was in a near panic attack mode getting ready for SXSW, I couldn’t even get myself together to verify it at first when I saw it. Well a few hours later,..

The{SNAP}Project Blog.

If you’ve been following ML for any length at all you know we have a thing for the arts around here. With that said, I though I’d share with you a cool blog that I came across, and can relate to. Krista launched a blog which showcases & chronicles her..

Hip Hop + Art: Lil Wayne likes cake / Nas is a King.

Cloxboy on DeviantArt is sick with the Vectors, check the 2 recent pieces he has done for some T-shirts. Lil Wayne: (The cynic in me would flip it with styrofoam cup, but hopefully this is true.) Nas: For more of his work including a dope Kanye piece, check out his..

Beth Fladung’s Hip-Hop Photography

You’re probably familiar with Beth’s work, since we’ve used her photos for several posts on this very site. She’s a Brooklyn, NY based photographer who’s had her work published in magazines including Scratch, URB, The FADER & Waxpoetics. She has a talent for really capturing the essence of her subject’s..

Method Man Graphic Novel, Review.

Let me preface this review with the acknowledgement that  I have never before read a graphic novel and that my only experience with comics is Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, a handful of webcomics and of course the recent wave of comic book movies (Dark Knight in IMAX is still sold..