Hip Hop + Art: Lil Wayne likes cake / Nas is a King.

Cloxboy on DeviantArt is sick with the Vectors, check the 2 recent pieces he has done for some T-shirts.

Lil Wayne:

(The cynic in me would flip it with styrofoam cup, but hopefully this is true.)


For more of his work including a dope Kanye piece, check out his DevArt page.

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  1. inno

    Fuck all these niggas who hates NAS.
    The fact is NAS is the King of hip hop!
    Some people don’t know the meaning of King.
    They say Lil’ wayne & 50 cent are the kings of hip hop. What da f***ck! Ladies & gentlemen, we’re not talking about money markers& pop artists. We’re talking about the real kings, mc’s, lyrcist of HIP HOP not this shit!
    NAS is on top!

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