Yung Joc on a Crocs Tour.

While catching up on my ish, I noticed that Yung Joc is currently on a tour sponsored by Crocs.. really now?? Nothing says Hip-Hop elite like a tour sponsored by Crocs. Makes a Lugz sponsorship seems real nice. On that Wall Street Journal tip, I just hope Mr. Joc gets..

Uniquo Clock.

Check out this crazy clock. Burntpiano passed this on when I didn’t have sound, now with sound I realize its completely post worthy. Only the Japanese would come up with something so hypnotizing but that’s still a clock. For those of you not in the know, Uniqlo is a Japanese..

The Mighty MPC.

Via sneakmove Now, I’ve messed with FL Studio a few times, but I’ve always wanted to really bang out some beats on a proper Music Production Center, or MPC. These guys are living my dream of engaging in sampler-based combat, in this fantastic video for producer/DJ Egadz‘ song “What We..

W Classic-Wu Tang Belt Buckles + Pendants.

If it was possible to OD on Wu-Tang related stuff today at ML, today would probably be the day. We’re covering ALL the spectrums! (Dont be surprised if you see next: a Wu-Tang Hockey team) Not gonna lie, those belt buckles are pretty dope. Don’t be surprised if you see..