Good Hip-Hop + PUMA=Dope YO! MTV Raps Gear.

We don’t post much about fly sneaker/clothes around here but we know it when we see it. Given how much we’ve been posting about YO! MTV Raps’s 20th anniversary lately, I thought I’d highlight the awesome PUMA/YO! cross marketed gear that’s been coming out. This isn’t everything, just my favourites.
First, the Dre & Ed Lover kicks:

The Big Daddy Kane Puma Clyde:

The Shan sneaks:

The YO! MTV Raps hoodie:

Puma put together a nifty little flash site to promote this line of sneakers and threads. You can see more of the Puma/YO! clothing line there as well as read some bios of the rappers and DJs promoting the line. It also measures its loading percentage by “freshness”, which gets a lot of points in my book.

I’m aware some of this is old, but I still think this is pretty dope.

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