Fun Facts


Toyota! I love what you do for me

[youtube][/youtube] Some of you folks may have seen this already on the WaxPoetics site. It’s an old Toyota commercial from the mid 90′s and it features Lootpack. Usually these things don’t really stick with me, but I have been watching this video on loop since yesterday. It’s taken my life,..

ML Fun Facts! (11/1/08)

This may be the last Fun Facts! post for a little while. On December 1st, I’ll be knee-deep in finals (and fuck whatever you’re going through, law school finals are on some other other shit), and on January 1st, I’ll be somewhere, hopefully relaxing, hopefully not (but more than likely)..

ML Fun Facts! (10/1/08)

Unlike the last two, there’s no theme for this month’s Fun Facts, just good ol’ random shenanigans. With school picking up steam once again, nowadays the creative juices are flowing more like Jim Jones than Rakim. 1. Inspectah Deck had a cold when he recorded his verse for “Stick Me..

ML Fun Facts! (7/1/08)

Time for more Fun Facts, and, remember, the offer from last month’s installment still stands. 1. Madlib conceived and recorded Quasimoto’s The Unseen during a week-long psilocybin binge.* 2. 2Pac began his career as a roadie and back-up dancer for Digital Underground. 3. While a member of Cash Money Records,..

ML Fun Facts! (6/1/08)

Wake up, wake up, wake up, it’s the first of the month! So get up, get up, get up, read Fun Facts and crack up! If you didn’t think that introduction was funny, I can’t say I blame you… but keep reading, it gets better. 1. Cypress Hill was banned..

ML Fun Facts! (5/1/08)

To celebrate a month’s passing since our introductory Fun Facts post, here’s a second installment. Pat yourself on the back if you’ve noticed a trend here. 1. On “Stick 2 The Script” (off The Dynasty Roc La Familia), Jay-Z’s line “We gon’ run the streets/’til we reach Malik” is in..

ML Fun Facts! (4/1/08)

Welcome to the first installment of a new feature here on ML, where we hit you off with 10 random factoids about some of your favorite (and, likely also some of your least favorite) artists. They’re fun. They’re facts. You do the math. 1. Before the RZA brought together the..