ML Fun Facts! (6/1/08)

Wake up, wake up, wake up, it’s the first of the month! So get up, get up, get up, read Fun Facts and crack up!

If you didn’t think that introduction was funny, I can’t say I blame you… but keep reading, it gets better.

1. Cypress Hill was banned from performing on Saturday Night Live after DJ Muggs lit up some marijuana on stage and the group smashed their equipment.

2. Ab-Liva, of Re-Up Gang Records (The Clipse) fame, ghostwrote Dr. Dre’s verse on Jay-Z’s “The Watcher, Pt. 2″.

3. Outkast’s 4th LP, Stankonia, was originally titled Sandbox.

4. Despite his objections, Interscope Records refused to release pictures of Polow Da Don’s dick to female journalists as a promotional item for Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s” single.

5. Flipmode Squad member Rampage appeared on the cover of his debut LP, Scout’s Honor… By Way Of Blood, in a full-body condom in order to promote abstinence.*

6. No Limit rapper C-Murder was originally known as A-Murder, but two subsequent copyright lawsuits forced him to move two letters down.*

7. 90% of the rappers on Nas’ “Where Are They Now?” have asked themselves the exact same question.

8. When visiting Amish country, DipSet member Freeky Zekey is referred to by his common name, Freekiel Ezekiel.

9. A 16-year-old was left permanently paralyzed after trying to roll a blunt to Jay-Z’s “Excuse Me Miss”.

10. Don Imus is a big Project Pat fan.

* – #5 and #6 were written by fellow ML contributor AaronM. If you (yes, YOU!) would like to contribute to future Fun Facts posts, hit me up at buhizzle at metallungies period c*o*m [Dj01 note: edited the e-mail to protect ya e-mail box from the spambots!] with your ideas — I’ll accept both facts and “facts”, if you catch my drift. You don’t even need to be a blogger! (But, if you are, we’ll link to your blog as a showing of our appreciation.)

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