ML Fun Facts! (7/1/08)

Time for more Fun Facts, and, remember, the offer from last month’s installment still stands.

1. Madlib conceived and recorded Quasimoto’s The Unseen during a week-long psilocybin binge.*

2. 2Pac began his career as a roadie and back-up dancer for Digital Underground.

3. While a member of Cash Money Records, Young Buck helped secure cars for Juvenile’s “Ha” video.

4. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth’s last reunion attempt came to a bitter end after an intense argument over immigration reform.

5. 3% of Miami’s illegal drug market is run out of Rick Ross’s beard.

6. Plies suffers from Voice Immodulation Syndrome.

7. Redman has been scientifically proven to be the Moby Dick of dopeness.*

8. Strong Arm Steady, besides being the name of a rap group, is also the title of a series of successful masturbation-themed pornography tapes.*

9. Diddy does not actually use ProActiv, but he won’t deny that Shyne uses it.

10. In a deleted scene from the upcoming film The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne (played by Christian Bale), when asked if he is in fact Batman, replies, “I’m not a Batman — I’m a bat, MAAAN!”

* – #1, #7 and #8 were contributed by AaronM.

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