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New Lungies.

Dear Readers, The decline in activity on Metal Lungies of late can be ascribed to the personal trials and tribulations our staff faced this year. You might not always realize it, but DJ01, Meaghatron, and I are human beings as much as we are music bloggers with cool Internet handles..

Meet the Team! Metal Lungies bios.

Metal Lungies is trying to make things more professional around here. Everyone here at ML wanted to share a little a bit about ourselves to show, you, our reader that we are more than robots writing about raps and falafel. Dj01 Alexandra ‘Dj01′ Goldberg is a 45 year old married mother of..

Hi, Friends.

I’m Meg (although from here on out I’ll be going by Meaghatron) and I’m the new kid here at ML so be gentle with me. I’m from Chicago which you’ll see seems to have a lot of influence in what I gravitate towards. I have an affinity for what you..

Metal Lungies is Going into Hiding.

Recent misunderstandings between the Metal Lungies staff and certain members of the hip-hop community have caused us to re-evaluate our priorities. We got some pretty alarming voice messages this afternoon from Bun B, Ilyas of Tanya Morgan, Noz of Cocaine Blunts, and The Fat Jew. For our safety, we are..

Hi. My name’s Megh.

…You can tell me yours when you catch your breath. Wink. I’m a senior at a central Pennsylvania university known for its parties, its football, and its cows, but Bodymore, Murdaland [let me hear you Wire fans!] is the place that I call home. I love Metal Lungies for the..

ML is doing Cat Massages, Video.

So you are probably still asking where I’ve been hiding out, kinda lacking on the posting front? I’m actually working on bonding with my cat thanks to the advice this lady has blessed my life with. Be back soon.  MAJOR WHISKER ALERT till then. Sphere: Related Content

Pardon Our Dust.

(image source)  Team ML would like to apologize for the downtime last night and this morning. While the source of the outage remains a mystery, I have my suspicions… N Korea blamed for powerful cyber-attack Kim Jong Il has been flooding my inbox trying to get me to post his..