Meet the Team! Metal Lungies bios.

Metal Lungies is trying to make things more professional around here. Everyone here at ML wanted to share a little a bit about ourselves to show, you, our reader that we are more than robots writing about raps and falafel.


Alexandra ‘Dj01′ Goldberg is a 45 year old married mother of two/ hip hop fanatic living in a suburb of Washington DC . She fell in love with the rap game by accident, when she lived on the same NYU dorm floor as Rick Rubin. She thought the iconic Def Jam logo that was being plastered all over was “super rad and edgy” and became intrigued by the music the logo represented. While she never realized her dream of becoming the first female to carry crates for the Beastie Boys or DJ Red Alert, she was did have a wildly heralded collection of scrapbooked photos of rappers (which she hopes to tumblerize in the next year).

When a girlfriend told Alexandra about internet journaling, she orignally started Metal Lungies on LiveJournal. When she isn’t posting breaking news like the latest behind the scenes 15 second youtube preview clips on Metal Lungies she has a few passions. Alexandra is really passionate about neatly cataloging .jpegs of some her all-time favorites like Nas (Alexandra has the God Son tattooed on her thigh) to newcomers like Machine Gun Kelly. She also enjoys to neatly compile freestyles of big songs of the moment like ‘Stay Schemin’ by various rappers on her iPod shuffle to play in her Honda Odyssey for her two sons, Larry & Mac to enjoy on their way to school.


KNOBBZXL is Ruth Gallow, 47, of Farmingdale, New York. Ruth grew up as a field hockey phenom and a Miss Teen USA semifinalist – certainly not a hip-hop head. But that all changed during her sophomore year at Barnard when she struck up a conversation with Popa Wu at poetry slam. They were fast friends and Ruth will be the first to tell you that it was she who designed the Wu-Tang logo, not Allah Mathematics. “I still have the page from my Multivariable Calculus course pack as proof!” she claims. Ruth was a mainstay on the tour bus after she introduced the Clan to her mother’s famed tofu steak.

Her kids Johnathan, Amy, and Derek have the distinction of having the only mom in Mulberry Estates who edits a rap blog. Alexandra “DJ01” Goldberg reached out to Ruth in 2007 after downloading one of her blend tapes from DatPiff and the two have collaborated on Metal Lungies ever since. Ruth hosts a weekly workshop on the Five Percent Nation at the local library and she has an Etsy store where she sells Shaolin Shadowboxer mittens and scarves. “With Bob Digi’s blessings, of course!” she adds.



Ed ‘Meagatron’ Nelson is a 56 year old music enthusiast currently spending most of his year in Baltimore, MD. When he isn’t scouring the internet for new music and frequenting venues he makes his living whittling small wooden figurines. He relocated near the Mason/Dixon line so that he could focus his business on becoming an expert whittler of Civil War memorabilia but also so that he could become a larger part of ML. Ed met Alexandra when she bought one of his figurines for her aunt. She noticed that he had one of her favorites (Curren$y) playing in the background and it sparked a conversation that has since progressed into where ML is today.

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