DJ Khaled LOVES McDonald’s.

DJ Khaled took to the airwaves to hype up the Dollar Menu and sausage biscuits as only he can. Part 1: DJ Khaled on the Dollar Menu Part 2: DJ Khaled on sausage biscuits If Khaled ever gets tired of making (making?) music, he could make a killing as one..

Organized Konfusion – Then & Now.

An Organized Konfusion reunion! Praise the Lord. Nothing revelatory here, but it’s nice to hear Po & Pharaohe together. This is off Prince Po’s new EP, The X-Files. DOWNLOAD: Organized Konfusion – Then & Now Via Cocaine Blunts For good measure, here’s the second most recent OK reunion from Pharaohe’s..

K-Murdock’s SubSoNiQ Instru-mentals: June Edition.

I was recently hipped to Panacea producer K-Murdock’s blog Neosonic Productions by an ML reader. Murdock, besides being a dope producer, also does a monthly mix of instrumentals on his radio show, SubSoNiQ Instru-mentals. Here’s the latest episode, with beats by DJ Spinna, Flying Lotus, Madlib, J Dilla and more...

GW Radio’s Funkadelic Freestyles Semester Finale, Tonight.

GW Radio’s Funkadelic Freestyles airs it semester finale tonight at 9pm, which you can stream at If you aren’t farmilar with the show, it’s pretty much has become the go-to radio show of anything dope going on in DC area’s underground hip hop scene.  One of the hosts happens..

Comcast Town TV commercials.

These jingles have officially infiltrated my mind! It was bound to happen, I turn on the radio-they are there.. watch tv- they are there, now I’m in some hypnotized state where I can’t stop humming along to them whenever I hear them (remembering the words is OD for me, I..