Comcast Town TV commercials.

These jingles have officially infiltrated my mind! It was bound to happen, I turn on the radio-they are there.. watch tv- they are there, now I’m in some hypnotized state where I can’t stop humming along to them whenever I hear them (remembering the words is OD for me, I only mess with the hook/tag line at the end). This almost makes me hate comcast a little less (I will never forget having some 7(!!) techs coming to my house in a span of a month during my senior year of HS, one of which told me the reason for my modem dropping off was “that Mozilla”). There is a bunch of them, but here are my favorites:

Dancing remote with a squirrel on the dome, penguins, chariots, you can’t hate

This one I dig because I want my life to be kind of like this, picture me rollin in a drop top with a squirrel in the back.
Watch all of the spots here (be sure to hit the HQ button).

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