Metal Lungies Radio


ML Radio: The Lost Season…..

We left for a while. But we were just making moves. Loads of live shows, and some wildness. Here is what you’ve been missing. Enjoy. 04/17/2008- Hip Hop In Potomac Basement For this night we did ML Radio live in the basement of one the residence halls at the school...

Podcast: Real Cool Time (4/14/08)

Podcast Just practice for Summer Jam. You don’t want the boys joc’n though. Next Week: A Video Podcast Playlist: Tears For Fears- Head Over Heels Raekwon ft. Cappadonna and Ghostface Killah- Ice Water Daft Punk- Mothership Reconnection MC Serch- Commute The Supervillains- St. Thomas Ghostface Killah- Big Girl The Roots-..

Podcast: MLR (Metal Lungies Radio) April 1, 2008

Podcast For this episode. We took some time to discuss the issues of the day. The war, the struggling economy, and the state of America in general. Enjoy. (The link is rapidshare. ZShare is testy right now.) Playlist: George Will and Robert Reich on the Mortgage crisis Dreddy Kruger, GZA,..

Podcast: Alex’s Takeover

Podcast After a long hiatus (due to Exams and radio downtime) we are back with another installation of Metal Lungies Radio!!!! During this show our new co-host for this semester, Alex, took control of the playlist. Dude played some fantastic songs. He also does a good bit of blogging himself...

ML Radio: Best Rapper Alive (Feb. 18)

Podcast Who is the best rapper alive? We take some time and give you an answer. (Hint: Not Lil Wayne) Playlist (I Only List Our Nominees): GZA- Duel of The Iron Mic Raekwon, Ghostface, and Nas- Verbal Intercourse MF Doom- Impostas Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest- Jazz (We’ve Got)..

Podcast: The Dead Rapper Show

Podcast For this installment we played some of our favorite songs by deceased MCs. We had a lot of fun with this show. The depressing part is that we had so many songs by dead rappers we had to finish some songs early so we could fit them all in..

ML Radio: Mad Dash (Feb. 4)

Podcast Wow. I almost didn’t make this show. We changed our live recording time from last semester and I started recording about 20 minutes in. The show is great. One of our best. I didn’t forget pay tribute to Jay Dee either. Listen Up. Playlist: Re-Up Gang- Dey Know Yayo..

Podcast: Welcome Back

Podcast Hello Again!!! Metal Lungies Radio is back for Season 2. Our first show was just a healthy dose of all the music we’ve been listening to over our extended break and we didn’t get any calls because we changed our night without telling anyone. But its a great show..

Podcast: With A Bang… (Dec. 11) (Season Finale)

Podcast Hello Again. This was the last show for this year. We made it a request show, but we like requests in all the shows. We spend some time in the beginning airing out beef, then we do a great show. Alex co-hosts this, instead of Julie. We’ll be back..