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Podcast: RIP Pimp C.

Podcast So, we planned out a whole request show and had a bunch of songs people wanted to hear. Then we heard the news. So we scrapped the request show (we’ll do it next week) and did a Pimp C show. We go our favorite tracks from UGK, his solo..

Podcast: Gangsta Grillz- The Podcast!!!! (11/27/07)

Podcast Why wouldn’t I? Gangsta Grillz- The Podcast was an idea we’ve had for a while, but we had a lot of issues with choosing which songs would perfectly represent the series. We were having some issues with the playlist but we ended up getting the songs right and it..

Podcast (11/20/07)- Maxwell House Classic

Podcast I’m putting this one up kind of late. We taped it before Thanksgiving, but a mix of laptop trouble and holiday stuff got in the way so here it is. This is a funny one. We had an idea for a show, but it took a long time to..

Podcast: Ill Art (11/06/07)

Podcast This is our most danceable show ever. We play a lot of stuff. Mashups, remixes, Old tracks. The theme is illegal music. Its sort of a crash course. We are always looking for new themes and songs. Email me. Playlist: Biz Markie- Alone Again DJ John- It Takes Two..

Podcast: Aggravated Assault (10/23/07)

Podcast This one doesn’t really have a theme. We go over quite a few topics; do some “where are they now?” pondering, and hear the best (and only) assault story we have ever heard on the show. We take 2 requests and they do not draw from the regular fire..

Podcast: Okay, Player (10/16/07)

Podcast In this installment of our weekly we focus on the artists featured on and associated with We don’t really touch on the Roots, Mos Def, or even Kweli on this one, but trust me, its a good one. Enjoy. (note: Two of the songs we play are requests...

Podcast: Atlanta in ’96 (10/9/07)

Podcast In this week’s podcast we play the jams coming out of Atlanta in the early to mid 90′s. We range over quite a bit of stuff. It was weird playing the tracks. Sort of like listening to your favorite radio show, but in 1996. Nothin’ but gems in here...

Podcast: Julie’s Takeover (10/07/07)

Podcast We had some trouble with this one. As you may have noticed we haven’t posted our weekly podcast in two weeks. Both weeks were fucked up. The first week the server was down and we couldn’t record, then on the second week we did a half show (due to..

Podcast: Mixshow Madness Vol. 1 (9/18/07)

Podcast Back Again. This week’s podcast was one hell of a mix show. It was mostly request based, from our listeners both before and during the show. It turned out real well. We managed to cover a wide variety of music and still keep it pretty gully. If any of..