Watch Stray Phrases Play J Dilla’s Donuts Live.

Totally forgot about this until 30 seconds ago. Here’s the full video of Stray Phrases performing J Dilla’s Donuts at the Tea Lounge in Brooklyn on February 3 — the same show we were hyping earlier this year. This was the second time they played Donuts. ML provided the recording..

Jose James – Made For Love x Blackmagic (produced by Flying Lotus).

If Flying Lotus’ space odyssey Cosmogramma gives you a headache, you may find his contributions to Jose James’ Blackmagic more agreeable. Blackmagic already lies in a gray area between between jazz and soul, but FlyLo’s three songs (these two plus “Code”) make it even harder to categorize. You should probably..

It’s just one of those days

Hold up for a second. Forget all that bullshit assclownery going on in music right now. Forget Souljah Boy. Forget auto-tune. Sit down. Pour yourself a classy drink (ginger ale and rye is always a good choice) and sit down in a comfy chair. Lee Morgan has something he’d like..