The Weeknd – Earned It.

Putting The Weeknd on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack sounds like somebody’s C+ Twitter joke, but here we are. What’s crazy is that it’s one of the rare Weeknd singles that’s actually pretty great, following “Often” and “Kiss Land”. Crazier still: barring any subliminal messages, it’s squeaky clean. Like..

Blood Bros – Heaven 2 Hell, Mix.

Train! Fight! Die?! DJA and Dirty South Joe have distilled the essence of motivation and physical and mental exertion into musical form. The product of their labor is Heaven 2 Hell, their second 80s action soundtrack mix. As with any action sequel, the stakes are higher and the danger level..

Blood Bros – First Blood, Mix.

Action has a new hero. Blood Bros (DJA and Dirty South Joe) have created the soundtrack to your next arduous challenge. They compiled the greatest moments in 80s action movie soundtrack history for a mix that will get you pumped in times of adversity. Now go chop some firewood! via..

Zelda Reorchestrated.

Screw hip-hop for a second. A group called Zelda Reorchestrated spent the last six years recreating the soundtrack to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to sound like it was recorded by live musicians. Ocarina is possibly the greatest game of all time and the soundtrack is freaking timeless...

Lil Kim – Download, Video.

Like I mentioned before, I rarely post videos..but I had to chirp in about this video, just because of the WTF values of the song/video. This song itself is like as if Lil Kim was itching to make an anthem dedicated to Motorola 2 Way pagers, but didn’t have time..

Rare Biggie Demo Tracks off the Notorious Soundtrack.

Biggie is one the few artists whose work I’ve made a point of fastidiously collecting. I’ve tried to get my hands on everything he’s ever laced. Besides his albums, there’s Mister Cee’s Best of Biggie Part 2 mixtape, which contains most, if not all, of Biggie’s collaborations, the recently released..