Waka Flocka records raps in the back of Tayota Camrys.

(Image from Interview Mag) Maybe I exclusively should start highlighting interviews that are worth reading or something. Here is an extremely likable brief profile & interview over at the illustrious Interview Mag conducted by David Shapiro. We learn that Wacka really likes to record raps, no matter where he is, that includes the back..

Pitchfork’s animated interview with The GZA.

If all rappers told stories as good as GZA, then there would be a lot more interesting interviews with rappers on the internets. Also, if all interviews were made into cartoons like this? I would probably watch every single video interview ever made. Props to Pitchfork. Sphere: Related Content

DJ Premier, Big City Dreamer.

(image) …a guy committed suicide on the train that we were riding. We saw him when he was dead, right in front of us. When you’re in fifth grade, that’s the story to tell your friends: “Yo, man, we saw somebody kill themselves on our train, and his arm was..

Quotables from the new Bangs Interview.

Sudanese rapper/producer Bangs stole our hearts last year with “Take U To Da Movies,” a bullish use of a green screen that seized the online audience not unlike rising star Antoine Dodson. Aside from dropping a new smash, “Meet Me on Facebook” (above), and appearing in a Honda ad, Bangs..

When Dr. Dre Met J Dilla.

(image) One day we were in the studio with Eminem and D-12, who we’d known from Detroit through Proof. And then Dre was there, and he and Dilla got to talking and hanging out. We left for a little bit and when we returned Dilla was like, “Yo, I ain’t..