ODB, RZA and Method Man on Radio 1 in 1997.

ODB, RZA and Meth lure women to their hotel room while promoting Wu-Tang Forever on the radio in England. A must-listen for Wu heads. Says ODB to the first caller, You go spread the word that if I die, the CIA killed me, OK? I’m not playing, I’m serious. We..

Organized Konfusion – Then & Now.

An Organized Konfusion reunion! Praise the Lord. Nothing revelatory here, but it’s nice to hear Po & Pharaohe together. This is off Prince Po’s new EP, The X-Files. DOWNLOAD: Organized Konfusion – Then & Now Via Cocaine Blunts For good measure, here’s the second most recent OK reunion from Pharaohe’s..

Freeway – For The Money.

Produced by Blunt. Free=only rapper who still sounds good over chipmunk soul beats. Has anyone heard Philadelphia Freeway 2 and if so, what do you think? I skimmed through a stream of it a few weeks back, but it didn’t make much of an impression on me. DOWNLOAD: Freeway –..

Interview with Devin the Dude, Video.

Via Live From Da Pepa Mill by way of  Spine Magazine U.K. emcee Mystro interviews Devin the Dude, who demonstrates his impressive rolling skills. Just Tryin’ Ta Live is also easily one of the best albums of this decade and is criminally overlooked – it’s a good place to start..

Method Man interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Video.

As Knobbz can tell you, Method Man is a great interview.  Recently, Whoo Kid had a chance to talk to Meth, resulting in a really great interview. Frank Purdue better cut Meth a check for the major co-sign. Be in awe of moments like Whoo Kid asking Meth about nutrition,..

The Funk Doctor Spock.

Via Way More Fresher Okay, I’m a day late, but still. This freestyle is nuts. Related: An awesome vintage freestyle and interview from Red around the time of Dare Iz A Darkside (via rap, lies and videotape) Sphere: Related Content