Quotables from the new Bangs Interview.

Sudanese rapper/producer Bangs stole our hearts last year with “Take U To Da Movies,” a bullish use of a green screen that seized the online audience not unlike rising star Antoine Dodson. Aside from dropping a new smash, “Meet Me on Facebook” (above), and appearing in a Honda ad, Bangs recently gave a blowout interview where he broke down his creative process. Prepare yourself.

On “Take U To Da Movies”

I just make the beat, ya know, and I listen to the beat. Put pen on paper and listen to it for a while and I said, “Let me make a song about the movies.”

On the video

It was free for free ’cause I work with someone he’s a director. He got his office with green screen and all that so he told me, “I want you to do a short movie for me like two minutes or three minutes. I tell him, “Okay,” I did the movie and I told him I want to shoot a video clip ’cause I got a song. He tell me, “Okay, alright, we see how we go.” I let him hear the song and all that we shoot “Take U to Da Movies,” he edit it and I did the rest.

On 50 Cent

He called me last year, December or so. He tell him I want to shoot video with him, “Take U to Da Movie (Remix).” I tell him, “Okay.” Since that day, ya know, he ain’t call back yet.

On influences

Chingy, Sean Kingston, ya know, who else…?

On using the word “Thurr”

I’ll be singing it, “Shawty right thurr. I say right thurr, when I say right thurr it feel like it’s a better mix with the beat to be kinda good to make it hip-hop. Right thurr.

Girls he wants to take to the movies

Raven, like That’s So Raven. Or Eve… Keri Hilson, Jordin Sparks. Good kinda girls I go to movies with, if I go to the U.S. and collaboration [sic] with them.

Bangs is like the rap version of the crazy American Idol reject. Talking to a viral sensation is usually awkward, because you don’t know if the person understands why he’s so funny. See also our interview with Mr. Chi-City.

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