Jose James – Made For Love x Blackmagic (produced by Flying Lotus).

If Flying Lotus’ space odyssey Cosmogramma gives you a headache, you may find his contributions to Jose James’ Blackmagic more agreeable. Blackmagic already lies in a gray area between between jazz and soul, but FlyLo’s three songs (these two plus “Code”) make it even harder to categorize. You should probably avoid that debate altogether and just bump these.

Download: Jose James – Made For Love (produced by Flying Lotus)

Download: Jose James – Blackmagic (produced by Flying Lotus)

Also check out his interviews with okayplayer and Pop & Hiss.

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  1. matter

    1. Cosmogramma is great, if you dont like it, you deserve to have a headache.
    2. Not one track on Cosmogramma is dubstep.
    3. Dubstep is great (when done proper, getting a little over-saturated at the moment due to the sudden influx of hipsters hopping on the trend… but the real champs of the dubstep sound are immensely talented dj’s and producers, and stylistically quite diverse as well)

    That said, thanks for the tunes, had Blackmagic but Made for Love is pretty good too.

    Anyone know the tune FlyLo sampled on Blackmagic?? cant put my finger on it and its bothering me…

  2. matter

    never mind about that last part… its a reggae track, Dennis Brown’s version of “Black Magic Woman”.

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