The End Of A Good Thing.

I just read about this on HipHopDX. It looks like Sandman has left the Re-Up Gang. Dude was basically tired of being in the side-show. I always liked Sandman’s shit. It’s just a bummer that this dude let one bad album ruin his career. I’m not saying no one is going to buy a Sandman album, but no one is going to buy a Sandman album.

Maybe I’m wrong. He could pull an Ice Cube. But, then again, Ice Cube was the most talented member of NWA. Oh Snap. I didn’t mean it like that. Keep your head up Sandman.

Maybe change that name…

After the jump is his solo video. Its actually really good.

{Plus: I haven’t posted this because of retarded internet set-up at UMBC, but there is a new season of ML Radio coming soon… and more posting from me. Since I have interweb now. New season starts next week.)

Sandman- Anchor

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