Hi. My name’s Megh.

…You can tell me yours when you catch your breath. Wink. I’m a senior at a central Pennsylvania university known for its parties, its football, and its cows, but Bodymore, Murdaland [let me hear you Wire fans!] is the place that I call home. I love Metal Lungies for the same reasons you do- the witty retorts, the honest reviews, and, of course, the music- but that’s not why I’m here. DJ01 has asked me aboard, and I have graciously accepted his mission, to put my useless endless knowledge of pop culture to good use by joining the boy toys at ML as your newest, blondest, current affairs collaborator. Think of me as a prettier Colbert: reporting daily and dedicated to giving you the skinny on the happenings of the music industry and beyond. Sit back. Relax. Watch me put the ‘pop’ in hip (h)op.

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  1. BIG D O

    No offense, but as a fellow Hip-Hop blogger and someone who enjoyed checkin in on this site every now and again I gotta say it doesn’t bode well with me that the brass @ ML deemed it necessary to bring on a gossip writer and add some sort of TMZ element to what I considered for the most part a pretty solid rap blog….

    What’s the point? Did you guys do some market research and find out that the majority of the people that vist the site are craving news of that nature? I don’t get it….

    best of luck Megh, despite my distaste for the addition of gossip and celeb news to a Hip-Hop blog, (and just in general) it’s not a personal thing, I’m sure your very capable/good at what you do…

  2. Dj01

    Big D O-

    TMZ we are not becoming, we are simply adding more content that carries ML signature snark and sarcastic rants. Meg isn’t going to be a “gossip blogger”, she is going to cover everything from music to tv, to yes, some celebrity related stuff. If you’ve been reading the site long enough, you’d know we have categories for all of those pre-existing, and content for them was often minimal (vs where I always envisioned it). That’s where Megh comes in.

    Give her a chance, I bet you’ll pleased with what you read.

  3. BIG D O

    understood DJ01….understood….gotta say I’m still disappointed, but you guys do what you guys do…I just wanted you to know on my end that ya don’t need the fluff, the site is fine as is……meh, it is what it is….

    to KNOBBZXL….keep kissing ass man, it’s gonna get you far in life…

    won’t get you no respect from real heads tho…lol…

  4. Megh

    AQUAMAN- Thanks. Looking forward to being funny, in addition to being funny looking.

    YOYOYOYOYOYO- That sounds a lot like hehehehehehehehehehehe. I would be ~too flattered if you were Tao Lin. You’re probably not. Regardless, I appreciate the shallow compliments, but I sincerely doubt you know enough about my “inner beauty” to compare me to the likes of heaven. Five dollars says you’re the type of person to say “I love you” on the first date. If I’m wrong, dinner’s on me.

    KNOBBZ- Thank you, thank you very much. I have ~a lot of haters. Looks like you have one, now, too. Feels like Christmas morning, doesn’t it?

    BIG D O-
    In general, I’m not a big fan of people prefacing a dig with “no offense,” mostly because you do, in fact, usually mean offense when you say it and also because you don’t have to worry about offending me. I’ve seen and heard it all (I may be five foot two, but I can’t wear skinny jeans cause my knots don’t fit), and the only thing that could offend me is your dishonesty.

    I appreciate your opinion, I love vibing with and propelling off of people who bring different world views to the table, but I think it’s safe to assume you blew this one. Nothing like letting all of ML know that you judge a book by its party dress. I’m not here to play pretty pretty princess and let you know what’s going on with the Jonas Brothers (though…if you were curious, Nick recently launched his side project “Nick Jonas and the Administration,” and Kevin just got married to his former childhood friend Danielle Deleasa…but don’t worry the boys are NOT breaking up), I’m here to try to bring as much relevant news about the industry as I can. ML is about being connoisseurs of “fine wine and rhyme.” If it were all about the music, all the time, well, the blog would have been called “Pure Hip-Hop”…and then where would that leave ~you?

    Maybe once I get some respect from “real heads,” I’ll blow this joint and come write for you. You sure could use someone to tell you things like, that you’re coming dangerously close to throwing around the terms “rap” and “hip-hop” like they’re the same thing. Or that brown on blue is a terrible color combination for wardrobes…and text visibility. Or that “your” is a possessive word [via "in your face"], whereas “you’re” is a contraction for “you are” [via "I'm sure you're* very capable/ good at what you do"]. ME-OW. Class dismissed.

  5. bromwich

    Yeah, I had an adverse reaction to Megh too, so I went down to the comments section to check if I was alone and ran into the back and forth that’s currently above me (if this comment is approved.) Instead of taking the Big D.O. approach which rightfully got shat on, let me tell you exactly what rubbed me the wrong way.

    This is a Hip-Hop blog and it’s a good one. That doesn’t mean that there’s no room for writing on stuff that is more mainstream nor does it mean that its readers wouldn’t enjoy a little bit of gossip now and then. Here’s what I didn’t enjoy about this post and the exchange that followed.

    a. Telling Big D.O. not to judge you by your party dress, when your party dress is by far the most noticeable thing about your grating first post. And then that dress which you tell us not to judge you on is supposed to leave us so breathless that we can’t even (hypothetically) introduce ourselves in kind. And then, just to be even more annoying, you wrote “wink.” So tell me again, are we supposed to be letting your appearance effect our views or not? Because your first post begins with your appearance and then some comments on how good you think you look.

    2. The only credentials that you seem to be interested in advertising are your origin in “Bodymore, Murdaland” which on its own is not particularly impressive, even if you did watch The Wire. I’m sure you know a lot about rap and pop culture, as I can’t imagine the people who run this site letting you post here for no reason. But you didn’t show that off at all.

    3. Instead you called yourself a “prettier Colbert.” So, you’re doing knowing political satire? Or even rap satire? Or Hip-Hop Satire? (Trying to make sure I don’t imply that those two things are one and the same. Maybe explaining the difference between them would have made for a far more impressive first post.)

    4. You listed a lot of the reasons I DO like Metal Lungies when you said why you liked it. And then you said that “that was not what you were here for.” And left me all confused again.

    That confusion was somewhat resolved in your most recent comment. You say that you’re here to “bring as much relevant news about the industry as you can” and not to “play pretty pretty princess.” An introduction is your first impression. And the first part of your first impression was a pretty pretty princess picture, and then a whole bunch of annoying bs about your role amongst the “boytoys.” From now on, come to the table with something more impressive and I don’t think you’ll be picking up quite as many haters in the comments section.

  6. BIG D O


    look, I didn’t ask for a writing or english lesson and I tried letting you know it wasn’t personal, but then you went and took it that way with that long ass rant that I didn’t even bother reading cause your typing with 100% emotion…

    I just don’t like certain elements creeping into the culture….respect that or not, say what you want, but your whole purpose for writing on this blog is predicated on reeling in airhead celeb hounds….what’s that got to do with Hip-Hop?

    fallback and stop acting like your a fuckin pulitzer winner, wothy of giving people “lessons”….and as far as you not liking my tag, I could give a fuck what you don’t like bout my name, ..for your info I don’t fuckin really like white broads named “megh”…

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