Hi, Friends.

I’m Meg (although from here on out I’ll be going by Meaghatron) and I’m the new kid here at ML so be gentle with me. I’m from Chicago which you’ll see seems to have a lot of influence in what I gravitate towards. I have an affinity for what you may loosely refer to as indie music, as well as electronica, but the real way to my heart is through remixes, there’s nothing better than a perfectly crafted remix.  My friends have all gotten sick of me starting sentences with “Have you heard of…” so I figured I needed to move on to a larger audience, hence my arrival to the world wide web.

You’ll see me posting from a wide range of topics from music (obviously), to sick artists you should look out for, to fashion (because we all wanna look good right?). It’s an honor to be thrown in with the talented writers that reside on this site and I can’t wait to be a part of it :] You can see a little more of what I’m about with my last.fm.


Well, I’ll leave you with this for today (probably NSFW):

[vimeo width="400" height="300"]http://vimeo.com/15247292[/vimeo]

Listen to it, take your shirt off if you want, it’s summer and it’s hot as hell out.

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