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Knobbz Open Doors.

I’m Knobbz and I’m the newest addition to the ML team. My eagerness to tell anyone who will listen about the album they’ve never heard of or the song that just leaked has landed me here. I’m very glad to be here and I hope I can contribute something worthwhile..

Writers Wanted!

Like what you read on ML? Want to contribute to the site? We’re looking for writers who can cover the latest hip hop news; new videos, leaked tracks, album tracklistings, etc. We would prefer someone who can post daily (Monday-Friday). If you have connections that can get you the information..

Rappers I Know: The Podcast

We’ve covered Rappers I Know before at ML, but we never need a good reason to post about them. They just rolled out their podcast earlier this month, with the first instalment hosted by Kay of the Foundation. They brought out the second instalment the day on Christmas Eve (like..

Allow Me To Introduce Myself.

I’m AaronM, the newest addition to the ML team. To the left, you can see me in my blogging costume. I’m very honoured to be asked to join Metal Lungies. I hope I can keep up the quality of the blog in my future posts. I’ve got some big plans..

No more handclaps…

ML’s 6th Beat Drop installment, focusing on Just Blaze, will be up on the site this Friday. No special guests this time around, but plenty of special music. Barring some Christmas miracle, this will likely be the last Beat Drop of the year, but look for Beat Drops in the..

Never on schedule but always on time.

For those of y’all that haven’t yet died of suspense (R.I.P. to those less fortunate), the Pete Rock Beat Drop will be up on Friday. Or next Monday in the case of some unforeseen circumstance that I can’t possibly know about right now because then it wouldn’t be unforeseen. But..

Name change.

Just a quick heads up, the name is now just ‘Dj01′. I’m going into internets witness protection. Contact page updated, please check that to continue to send your vital information spam. Sphere: Related Content

ML Has Now Invaded Your Podcast!!!!

Thats right! ML now has a radio show. If you miss it you can catch it on the podcast which will be posted after every show on this site each week. I’m currently negotiating to get two spots a week, but for now I just have Tuesday. Most of the..

Don’t go Diggin for ML.

This isn’t Metal Lungies, this is what happened to a hater of ours. Hopefully, we’ll hit you up on Monday. Till then work on your 50/Kanye sales predictions.

What time the plane leavin’?

[youtube][/youtube] “‘Shalom’ is ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in Hebrew, right? Yeah, that pretty much sums up your career.” — Colin Quinn (not verbatim, but close enough), to someone at the Artie Lange Roast on The Howard Stern Show … pretty much sums up my blogging career, as well. On August 20th..