What time the plane leavin’?


“‘Shalom’ is ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in Hebrew, right? Yeah, that pretty much sums up your career.” — Colin Quinn (not verbatim, but close enough), to someone at the Artie Lange Roast on The Howard Stern Show

… pretty much sums up my blogging career, as well.

On August 20th (Monday), I will start my first year of law school. So, needless to say, my presence at ML will be missing for a while. Will it be missed? Well, I guess that’s for y’all to decide. I’ll still drop by every now and again for the occasional Beat Drop (Hi-Tek’s is up for those that might not have seen it — Lethal’s been a one-man-blog-man lately), or whenever something gets me in a posting sort of mood. But, if I attempt to stay current with the daily goings-on of the hip hop world and balance that out with a time-consuming law school schedule, I’ll most certainly fail miserably in both areas — I’d be behind in class work, and you’d be reading my reviews of the Curtis and Graduation sometime in 2008 (assuming their release dates don’t change anymore).

So, in closing, I’ll see y’all when I see y’all. ML for life, ’til the casket dips and the death certificate reads, “Cause of Death: Iodine poisoning from eating so many shrimp.”



P.S. As one last goodbye-for-now, peep my guest post on Souled On (complete with MP3s if you’re not up for the long read).

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  1. thatonegirl

    i kinda wish you weren’t going to law school… i graduated a year ago and still wonder why i went. i want to keep the literary talents out of law school, where they will be stripped of their creativity and forced to spit out the same stupid shit again and again.

    wish you the best of luck, enjoyed your work… and do yourself a favor – keep writing, if only to keep you sane during law school. respect!

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