“Credit Is Due,” you say?

[NOTE: The following is intended to be all in fun. ML isn’t really mad at AHH. I can’t confirm whether the opposite holds true or not.]

True, stealing is dangerous.

Since beginning law school last week (which has been both fun and overwhelming), I mentioned that I’d only be around to post when I was in a “posting sort of mood”. Such things that get me into that mood include:

  • seeing basketball players make cameos in rap videos
  • unexpectedly receiving a promotional copy of a CD that I had been interested in hearing (check for a review tomorrow — and it is not related to the 2-headed monster that is Kanyurtis)
  • feeling as if I’ve been slighted by someone with more power than me

On the front page of AllHipHop.com, they are promoting a new blog series called “Gumsole Beatdowns“, in which they present a brief bio of a famed producer, followed by a list of some of his best productions. I emphasized certain words in that sentence because, here at ML, we’ve had our own blog series for a little while now called “Beat Drop“, in which we present a brief bio of a famed producer, followed by a list of some of his best productions.

In AHH’s first installment, they discuss DJ Premier, and start it off with a brief anecdote about Common’s lyric on “The People”, where he says that he’s found “the new Primo”. In ML’s Beat Drop on DJ Premier (which was done over a month ago), we started off with… well, you probably know where I’m going with this. At least they didn’t pick all the same songs as us, although, that could also be reason to believe that our post had some sort of influence on theirs.

Now, I’ll admit to being a little sensational in what I’m writing here. I certainly have no proof that our “Beat Drop” series influenced their “Beatdowns” series, I certainly can’t claim to be the first person to express outrage over Common crowning Kanye “the new Primo”, and I most definitely can’t claim to be have come up with the idea that offering audio of some of a well-respected producer’s greatest works would make for a great post.

But, since there’s no copyrighting in blogging, and it’s certainly possible that AHH (a site with a huge readership) is generously borrowing an idea from ML (a site with 4 readers… and growing!), then I’m simply going to present it as a possibility, and let y’all take it as you wish. I’m not going to sign up for an account on AHH and post comments about how I feel like I’ve been slighted, but I’m also not going to tell any of our dedicated readers — yes, I’m talking to all 4 of you — that they shouldn’t do as much.

On a brighter note, our next Beat Drop is focused on the one-and-only Pete Rock, and should be up on the site in the next week or so. And, on that note, be sure to check for AHH’s Beatdown on Pete Rock next month. I kid because I love hate.

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