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Pardon my laziness.

Loungin’, son! The last couple of posts I’ve made have been, what I essentially call, “throwaway posts”, because they require very little effort on my part — in fact, waiting for the zShare links to upload provides ample time for self-reflection. However, despite the lack of effort, I think that..

They don’t like us? They ain’t GOTTA like us!

Here at ML, to quote one Method Man, “We got love for those with love for us.” We don’t care about your culture or ethnicity — as long as y’all enjoy the site (and even if you don’t), we appreciate your visits. All we ask for is the opportunity… which..

Metallungies has invaded is a social site that tracks your music, keeps stats, gives suggestions, lets you stalk keep up on your friends music listenings, and a boat load more. I have been using it for a few years now. I just created a group on the site where you can join..

Help Wanted! Inquire Within.

Like what you read on ML? Want to contribute? We are looking for some contributors that want to join the chaos that goes on here at ML. There are enormous benefits if you are passionate about your music like we are here. We would prefer someone that has good knowledge..

Marco Polo Ft. Masta Ace-Nostalgia Video.

I know you’ve been waiting for the video ever since the interview. Well, the video is finally done and it was worth the wait. The video is well polished and it captures the beauty of hip hop in NY perfectly. See if you can catch some of the visual cues..

Metallungies has now invaded MTV News.

Your remember a bit back we got shout outs from Squeek Boogie over in Pheonix, well now you can see Metallungies in MTV News segments. If you look closely, use that pause button VCR style, at about 1:28, you can see the entry we had about that Havoc freestyle. Nice eh? ..


We aren’t playing fellas, ML is now getting namedrops (or cheap plugs :P) from the likes Pheonix’s hip hop radio station Power 98.3, good looks DJ Squeek Boogie (check his ‘Kick Push’ remix!). ccccheck it out: Sphere: Related Content

Tried to e-mail us before? yeah… about that.

Just a quick note regarding contacting us via e-mail, something happened with our server so that if you have tried to contact us via our @metallungies adresses over the last month or so, we probably didn’t recieve it. Sorry for that, but now I assure you we will recieve your..