I got a story wanna hear it? Here it go…

TokenBy way of introduction…..

A few weeks ago I began to get this odd feeling in the bottom of my gut. I would wake up in the morning with my breath smelling like ether. Not the same substance which Nas used to burn his greatest rival. But a fume that came from the poison welling up in my stomach. The idea for a cure came to me in a dream: “Start a BLOG”, the dream said. So I made this:


It’s a BLOG about New York, Hip-Hop, and our decaying American Empire.
I showed it around the Internets. Your boy DJ Lethal (The man who runs this site, not the DJ from House of Pain) must have liked it because he asked me to join the team at METAL LUNGIES.

I told him like this: I’d be honored.

So to begin:

Face facts: Hip Hop is dead. And I don’t want to hear anyone saying it’s still alive like ya’ll ain’t in agreement with Nas (He said It’s dead motherfucker!)

1. I intend to celebrate it’s memory with every word I utter (type).

2. Just because the shit is dead doesn’t mean there isn’t still good music being made. I’m gonna find it and celebrate that too.

3. I come from a hip hop tradition and that informs everything I do and have done in my adult life. But all music comes from the same place (and will one day return there when it dies) and I reserve the right to post any kind of music I wish.

4. I’d like to say peace to all the lovely people out there and say thanks to my new compadres at Metal Lungies.

Now, I’d like to jump it off with a joint from Nas, who was with Hip Hop during her final moments and came out the room to break the sad news to the rest of us (we were all pacing the hallways). The reason why Nas is the best rapper alive is because he can swagger and boast with the best of them but he can also be introspective and self-critical (something most rappers refuse to do). In this song, from some ancient mixtape I had in my closet, Nas describes how he went from Illmatic to “ehh” and back. It is one of the most honest hip hop songs I’ve ever heard.

“Read a book on Pablo Escobar and got on some shit”

This is a real lo-fi MP3 and usually I try to strictly post songs with high bit-rates. But this song was too fitting and it’s worth a listen:

Nas: The Rise And Fall

Until next time Kiddies
My Name is Blind Boy Grunt.
an’ I’m out.

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