Method Man’s Graphic Novel

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Tical’s comic book is actually coming out, and more information has been released since we posted about it last December. According to Amazon, Method Man will be a lean 110 page paperback. Meth cowrote the comic with David Atchison and artist Sanford Greene.

Here’s an amusingly typo-filled plot summary from the book’s Amazon entry

Private investigator Mosley Paine hasn’t always been a P.I. Before retiring to civillian life, he was a top agent of an international conspiracy known as the Order of the Secret Method, a deeply religious assembly of elite “murder priests”, descended from the Biblical Cain, who hunt creatures thought only to exist in Biblical myth. Though an excellent Method Man, Mosley suffered expulsion from the sect when it was discovered that he was having an affair with the irresistable daughter of Grand Arch Occisor d’Arc, head of the organization. But when Mosley’s arch nemisis enemy–a Leviathan of giant proportions–reappears stronger than ever and threatens to destroy all that is good, Mosley is convinced to rejoin the Secret Method to lead the epic fight against it.

The book drops on July 23rd from Grand Central Publishing.

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