Wu-Tang Graphic Novel in the Works.

The upcoming release of 8 Diagrams has got ML geeked and we’re just looking for excuses to post about the Wu. There’s already Buhizzle’s Countdown posts, each highlighting a different group member (he’s done U-God & Raekwon thus far). But I just wanted to share this crazy news, via Wooohah!:

“Sanford Greene, current artist for the DC Comic “Wonder Girl” and the artist of MF Doom’s “Venemous Villain” cover art is now working on a Wu-Tang Clan graphic novel with the help of Method Man.”

Sounds awesome, if a little crazy. There was actually a Wu comic before this called “Nine Rings of Wu-Tang” but I don’t know much about it other than it’s an origin story of the group. To me it seems a bit like the Public Enemy comic where it’s coming at the worst possible time for the group. But this does sound interesting and Meth’s involvement is promising, as he’s apparently a big comics fan.

Click here to see some of Greene’s early concept art.

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