ML Fun Facts! (11/1/08)

This may be the last Fun Facts! post for a little while. On December 1st, I’ll be knee-deep in finals (and fuck whatever you’re going through, law school finals are on some other other shit), and on January 1st, I’ll be somewhere, hopefully relaxing, hopefully not (but more than likely) hung-over.

If I still have some sort of sense of humor left after all of that (which depends on whether or not you think I had one in the first place), maybe there’ll be more to come. Enjoy for now…


1. The main girl in Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” video used to date New Orleans Hornets’ shooting guard Morris Peterson.

2. Daz Dillinger once walked into Death Row Records’ offices armed with a screwdriver, high on mushrooms, to demand a royalty check from Suge Knight.

3. Chino XL is a member of MENSA.

4. The studio time allotted for recording Webbie’s “Independent” was exceeded by nearly 5 hours before they finally spelled the word correctly.

5. To complement the red star on the right of his face, The Game is planning on tattooing “GREAT JOB!” in an orange circle on the left side of his face, and “A++” on his forehead.

6. Wu-Tang affiliate Killah Priest earned his rap name by literally killing a priest.

7. Mike Jones lists as his influences Jay-Z, Three Six Mafia, Scarface, Jay-Z, Three Six Mafia, Scarface, Jay-Z, Three Six Mafia and Scarface.

8. DJ Drama drinks hot water with honey and lemon to maintain his voice while recording mixtape shout-outs.*

9. After the success of I Want To Work For Diddy, VH1 is planning a spin-off entitled I Want To Stop Working For Diddy, in which Black Rob, Mark Curry, Cheri Dennis, G-Dep, and various members of Dream, Fuzzbubble and Da Band will compete in weekly challenges. The winner will receive the money they were robbed of while signed to Bad Boy Records.

10. A noted environmentalist, Young Buck’s former spinning G-Unit chain ran on solar energy.

* – #8 was contributed by AaronM.

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  1. Dart_Adams

    That shit was funnier than when John McCain claimed that his campaign was about change and he and Sarah Palin claimed that they were mavericks. Oh man that shit was hilarious!

    *Wipes away tears from eyes*


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