ML Fun Facts! (5/1/08)

To celebrate a month’s passing since our introductory Fun Facts post, here’s a second installment. Pat yourself on the back if you’ve noticed a trend here.

1. On “Stick 2 The Script” (off The Dynasty Roc La Familia), Jay-Z’s line “We gon’ run the streets/’til we reach Malik” is in reference to former NBA player Malik Sealy, who was killed by a drunk driver in 2000.

2. MF Grimm was arrested en route to a studio where he would have recorded a verse for Main Source’s “Live At The BBQ”.

3. T.I. shortened his rap name from “T.I.P.” out of respect for his at-the-time Arista Records labelmate, Q-Tip.

4. In exchange for being allowed into Junior M.A.F.I.A., Lil’ Cease had to let Biggie’s girlfriends beat him at Nintendo.

5. “Hell Date” was the original title of a failed “Flavor of Love”-type reality show pilot starring DipSet member Hell Rell.

6. If everyone in hip-hop who claimed to be 5-percenters really were 5-percenters, they’d be more accurately described as 92-percenters.

7. Having “Lil’”, “Young” or “Yung” in your rap name entitles you to a “Kids Eat Free” card.

8. Former Three-Six Mafia member Crunchy Black’s favorite type of peanut butter is, oddly enough, smooth.

9. The Roc-A-Fella break-up was actually not intended — Jay-Z just misheard Damon Dash, who was, as usual, talking really fast.

10. Snoop Dogg quit smoking weed three times in the time it took you to read this post.

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  1. Dart_Adams

    I once figured that if everyone who claimed to be from the Nation Of Gods And Earths on record actually were they’d have to change their name to the “7% Nation”. It’s funnier that way you wrote it, though.


  2. AaronM

    That comment about Crunchy Black made me laugh out loud (I refuse to type that accursed abbreviation).
    I’m really proud of this new feature – keep it up, boys.

  3. buhizzle

    Thanks for the love. I wrote these first 2 Fun Facts posts myself — just so that if they failed miserably, I’d take the blame. But since they’re appreciated, I’ll definitely collaborate with others in future (that includes you, Aaron!).

  4. aron man

    i love Snoop Dogg hi is cute and nice so i will like to meet him
    one day ok dont be made at me Snoop Dogg’s wife ok bye for
    now have go gay on reading my letter ok bye kiss kiss!!

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