ML Fun Facts! (10/1/08)

Unlike the last two, there’s no theme for this month’s Fun Facts, just good ol’ random shenanigans. With school picking up steam once again, nowadays the creative juices are flowing more like Jim Jones than Rakim.

1. Inspectah Deck had a cold when he recorded his verse for “Stick Me For My Riches” off 8 Diagrams — one of his beefs with the final product was that he wasn’t able to re-record his verse before the album’s release. (This fun fact is dedicated to everyone that made it through the first minute of singing on that song.)

2. Former Wu-Tang affiliate and current Aphilliates Music Group president La The Darkman made several guest appearances on good friend Vanilla Ice’s ’01 album Bi-Polar.

3. The Neptunes’ beat for The Clipse’s “Wamp Wamp” — complete with Slim Thug’s hook — was originally sold to Foxy Brown prior to her hearing problems.

4. To maintain his self-proclaimed status as “your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper”, Styles P’s favorite rapper is Styles P.

5. Jay-Z spends the first 15 minutes of every morning wondering why he ever signed Amil.

6. DJ Khaled’s video for “Out Here Grindin’” was influenced by the Wu-Tang Clan’s video for “Triumph”. When recently asked what he liked most about the “Triumph” clip, Khaled responded, “WE THE BEST!”

7. Lil’ Jon and Paul Wall are married… to each other.

8. Contrary to what many of the artists that have worked with him have said, Dr. Dre is not actually a perfectionist — he’s just lazy.

9. Juelz Santana ghostwrites for Dominoes Pizza’s Pasta Dude. (Dominoes was prepared to begin selling pastas a year ago, but was one-upped by Pizza Hut while waiting for Santana’s contract situation to be resolved.)

10. Childhood friends Jadakiss, Young Jeezy, Antoine Walker and Al Harrington used to go trick-or-treating together as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Since I’ve basically ripped this idea off of David Letterman and his writers at The Late Show (I acknowledged as much from the jump), I feel it’s only fair that, in exchange for not receiving any cease-and-desist letters, I offer a plug for their official Fun Facts book, which collects all of the material from the show’s Fun Facts segments over the past few years. If not a full-on purchase, it’s good for at least a quick perusal at your local bookstore if/when you’ve ever got time to kill.

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