I’m So Appalled by Rocksmith’s Wu Tang shirt biting Manifest Worldwide.

This morning I was browsing through my e-mails and one of the hundreds I actually decided to open was from one of my favorite online streetwear sites. They were featuring a callabo between a streetwear company called Rocksmith and that ol’ Wu-Tang Clan thing. I was kinda feeling what I saw, had thoughts of maybe copping a few pieces. Then, I had to pumpppp the breaks when I saw this (on the right):

(Image via HypeBeast)

Which right away reminded me of a shirt I bought about 5-6 years ago from Manifest Worldwide. (Reason I remember the brand is I remember how the owner of the brand, personally handled each order and questions that I had.)

(Image via UGHH)

Now, not only is this a complete ripoff job of the Manifest shirt, but they neglected to add Masta Killa (I know why, but STILL). Now maybe Rocksmith didn’t know about the Manifest shirt, but considering it was one of the first “list &” style shirts, I have my doubts about that. I guess streetwear shirts are as original as rap itself, which is kind of ironic.

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  1. MeGaVeLi

    I hear that you could be offended, but at the same time be happy that they reproducing something ill from the past! Also, I love the fact at least some company is trying to resurrect wu tang clothing! Ive always thought it’d be cool if the urban brands redid some fo the clothing they put out in the past, cuz theyre new shit is wack! I know I got some vintage Phat Pharm and Rockawear clothing when they FIRST hit the scene, that looks fucking ill … samurai imprints and just overall, some nice looking creative shit. The urban brands today I cannot fuck with, clothes look like some flamboyant homersexual shit!

    Anyways, my one DREAM would be for some company to resurrect the Wu-Tang leather jacket Power is wearing in the video for Fair Love and War by Killarmy … Ive wanted that shit ever since the day I seen it … and I’d pay out my asshole to have it … ebay dont have my size!

  2. Joe Bananas

    They also bit the C.R.E.A.M. / D.A.R.E. design from Manifest who literally designed that one 10 years ago, I have two of them.

    Appalled is an apt word, to be sure.

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