NBA Trade Recap.

Last night was the most active trade day since the mid 1980′s so I know I had to come through with my analysis you are sure to cherish… AND I WILL COVER THE TRADES ESPN DOESN’T CARE/WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT

Kings send Chris Webber, Matt Barnes and Michael Bradley to the 76ers for Brian Skinner, Kenny Thomas and Corliss Williamson.
What a fucking bargain by the 76ers, if AI can make the finals with the likes of Aaron Mckie, George Lynch and Matt Giger him and Cwebb will be a scary thought, and the Kings are said to be doing this to keep Peja and build around him.. HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU GONNA BUILD AROUND A SF IN THE WEST?!?! The guys they got are all scrubs, even my Arkansas man Corliss who started his career with the Kings.

Hornets send Baron Davis to the Warriors for Speedy Claxton and Dale Davis.
Bargain for Warriors, even though its risky, they could have a high flying offensive attack when Baron plays with JRich and Troy Murphy. I like Speedy Claxton he is underrated like whoa and Dale Davis should have retired 5 years ago.

Mavericks send Alan Henderson, Calvin Booth and cash to the Bucks for Keith Van Horn

2 scrubs for a guy declining to be a Scrub, Van Horn might be on his way to being traded every single year of his career, congrats Keith!

Warriors send Eduardo Najera to the Nuggets for Nikoloz Tskitishvili. least they are allowed to trade Europeans and Mexicans.

Spurs send Malik Rose and two future No. 1 draft picks to the Knickerbockers for Nazr Mohammed and Jamison Brewer.
Isiah Thomas is on crack, Nazr was hella improved this year and Malik Rose is an overpaid bench guy. Who the fuck is Brewer?

Bobcats send Steve Smith to the Heat for Malik Allen.
The trade heard round the world.. I didn’t know Steve Smith could still walk?

Celtics send Jiri Welsch to the Cavaliers for a future 1st rounder
YES!! Another European dude traded!! (He is the European Van Horn, joining like team #7)

Rockets send Maurice Taylor to the Knickerbockers for Moochie Norris, Vin Baker and a second-round draft pick.
MOOOCHIE GOING BACK TO HOUSTON?!?!!? YES!!!! Another retarded move by Isiah.. Wtf do you need Maurice Taylor for? A muscular dude to make the bench look good (in pictures)?

Hawks send Antoine Walker to the Celtics for Gary Payton, Tom Gugliotta and Michael Stewart and a first-round draft pick.
This came as the biggest shocker, I thought Toine was ran out of Boston? I guess he is running back then..they didn’t give up much.. A over the hill headcase, an over the hill white PF version of Dale Davis, and a scrub.

76ers send Glenn Robinson to the Hornets for Jamal Mashburn and Rodney Rogers.
Well Rodney Rogers (not Rodgers you fookin jersey makers) is one the biggest 1st round disappointments.. I always thought he was gonna be a star when he was starting out with the Nuggets & Clips.. now he’s getting traded with dudes who wont play ever again in exchange for Big Dogs who’ve flat out rolled over.

Bucks send Mike James and Zendon Hamilton to the Rockets for Reece Gaines and two second-round picks.
well.. Mike James won a ring he can show to Yao & Tracy!

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