The Kid Daytona – The Interlude, Mixtape.

The concept for The Interlude sounds like kind of a cool idea, but in execution, it’s brilliant. On his new mixtape, The Kid Daytona rapped over hip-hop interludes reworked by producers like 6th Sense, 9th Wonder Bink! — interludes meaning those funky little beats that bookend your favorite tracks, not the Wu-Tang “torture” skit.

With The Interlude, Kid Daytona takes a fresh approach to the throwback mixtape by using beats sourced from overlooked classic sounds that haven’t been defiled by generations of freestylers. The result is nostalgic and original at the same time. Daytona’s charismatic wordplay helps too. Highlights include Freddie Gibbs tearing up “The Chronic (Intro)” and the Pete Rock & CL-inspired “Fly Lullaby.”

Download: The Kid Daytona – The Interlude

via LRG

Track list with the sources for all the interludes after the break.

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