Fresh in my gray tee.

Good news for people who like to wear clothing — friend-of-ML and occasional commenter Peace Justice Universal (a.k.a. DJ Eurok) is selling t-shirts with the name of his blog/record label/movement, Upset The Setup, on the front in an ill design. And, if you’re not all that interested in “upsetting the..

This t-shirt must be bought.

Genius. I hope most of you don’t need a hint, but if you do, hopefully because you are cracked out right now.. what is each shirt missing? I’m def coping one of each. Buy it at TTL. Sphere: Related Content

Metal Lungies Wish List (Part #1)

Oddly enough, the first thing I want this christmas is a 20 pack of long black t-shirts and enough iron-on transfers to cover them. Why? You ask. Cause every time I see a new Clipse or Pharrell video I notice another slogan that I wished I had put on a..