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If you’ve been following ML for any length at all you know we have a thing for the arts around here. With that said, I though I’d share with you a cool blog that I came across, and can relate to. Krista launched a blog which showcases & chronicles her photography and her growth as an artist. Krista shares her personal insights and some technical tips, as well her emotions regarding her photography. Personally, I recently invested in a DSLR camera (no, not a full-frame), and after a few months I’m just getting a hold of all the manual controls, (no more automatic/pre-set modes ever again, even on the point and shoot-for facebook camera, ha!). As I slowly progress, its enriching to follow the trials & tribulations of someone’s growth with the camera on such a personal level. By the way, Krista also happens to be 88-Keys’ lovely wife. Speaking of whom, expect to see him on our next Beat Drop installment (ETA: next week), and check out his freshly launched blog (our sources tell us he is a huge Nautica IZOD Clothing company fan).

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  1. 88-Keys

    That’s my baby. No, literally, that’s my baby Luca Delaney I’m holding in this photo. *ha* She’s much older & WAY cuter now. Props to my wife for all that she does & props to Luca’s big sister Chloë Yoshe. My OTHER Polo Princess. *kiss*

  2. Krista

    Thanks for shouting me out ML! Congrats on your DSLR and going manual, I’ve never looked back! Thumbs up to a fellow photog… Can’t wait to see some of your work!


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