Hip Hop + Art: RIP Nate Dogg.

When I heard the legendary (and I’m not using that term in a throwaway fashion) Nate Dogg died, I was in a near panic attack mode getting ready for SXSW, I couldn’t even get myself together to verify it at first when I saw it. Well a few hours later, it hit me, that the hook master was gone. There have been some great tributes going up on the internets, including a series from Passion of the Weiss. Another of my favorite tributes was from longtime ML friend/supporter Yumi Sakaki who drew a very unique and impressive piece called ‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’, that you see above.

From Yumi

All Dogs Go to Heaven

R.I.P. Nate Dogg 1969 – 2011.

I will send you a high resolution file of this illustration to whoever wants it, which you can print on t-shirts etc. One thing I would like to ask you in return is to.. #helpJapan, a struggling country who spawned me.



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