Malachai – Anne (Paul White Remix).

Paul White is no stranger to psych rock. Last year’s Paul White & The Purple Brain saw Paul take on the work of Swedish psych rocker ST Mikael. This time, he beefs up British duo Malachai’s “Anne” with a thick bassline and lots of other sounds and effects. Watch the..

Gonjasufi – Bury Me.

Perhaps the coolest project to come out of the LA beat scene is A Sufi and a Killer, Gonjasufi’s 2010 psychedelic masterstroke. Gonja, likely noticing a drought of screechy sepia-tinged moaning, posted “Bury Me” on MySpace. Listen at your own risk. This track is fucking haunted. Sphere: Related Content

Blood Bros – Heaven 2 Hell, Mix.

Train! Fight! Die?! DJA and Dirty South Joe have distilled the essence of motivation and physical and mental exertion into musical form. The product of their labor is Heaven 2 Hell, their second 80s action soundtrack mix. As with any action sequel, the stakes are higher and the danger level..

Stateless – Ariel, Video.

Watch two motion capture silhouettes representing good and evil dance-fight in the video for “Ariel” by Stateless. The song is based on a gypsy guitar sample provided by DJ Shadow. The album Matilda comes out February 7. Watch the band and the animators explain their abstract mumbo jumbo in the..

Voodoo Experience 2010 starts today.

Today marks the kickoff of the Voodoo Experience in the heart of New Orleans. ML is taking this year off, but we have had documented an amazing time in years past.  Even though we aren’t going it doesn’t mean we can’t recommend some acts, amiright?! Ticket’s are still available, trust me..

Blood Bros – First Blood, Mix.

Action has a new hero. Blood Bros (DJA and Dirty South Joe) have created the soundtrack to your next arduous challenge. They compiled the greatest moments in 80s action movie soundtrack history for a mix that will get you pumped in times of adversity. Now go chop some firewood! via..