Metal Lungies goes to Bonnaroo X 2011, Preview.

Another June, another Bonnaroo Metal Lungies is going to. Starting today we will be roaming the farm in Murfreesboro basking in the glory of the 10th anniversary of the completely sold out festival.

Be sure to catch me on twitter, where we will be ranting, recapping, and instagraming… and other verbs.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to be in Ten-a-key, VEVO will be live streaming a lot of the performances, and Comedy Central will have an event on Sunday from the Comedy Tent.

In case you need to some suggestions on who/what to check out, here are our picks (in chronological order):

Thursday:  5Pm- DJ Neil Armstrong (Jay-Z’s former tour DJ, who earned that spot with his well honed skills) 6:00pm-Lewis Black, Wavves 7:15pm-Best Coast 7:30pm-The Knux 8pm-Lewis Black 9pm- J.Cole 10:15pm-Sleigh Bells (Most likely to melt your face off) 10:30pm-Twin Shadow 11:30pm-Deerhunter, Childish Gambino (see what all the hype is) 12AM- Dam-Funk

Thur night ends early performance wise, so rest up!

Friday: 12:30pm-420 Comedy Blaze (420 at 12:30pm, what?)  2:30pm-Lewis Black (the man is clearly the workhorse of ‘roo this year), 3:15pm-Matt & Kim 4pm-DJ Neil Armstrong 4:30pm-Lewis Black 5pm-Atmosphere 6:45pm-Florence + The Machine 11:00pm-Arcade Fire (*The* act of the festival?) 12:45am-Big Boi 1:30am-Lil Wayne (but after Big Boi ends!) 2:30am-Ratatat (can’t miss. have wanted to see these guys for years on years.)

Saturday: 2:30pm-Donald Glover 3:30pm-Chiddy Bang 3:45pm-!!! 4:30pm-Donald Glover 5pm-Portugal.The Man 5:50pm-Wiz Khalifa 6:15pm-Mumford & Sons 7pm-!!! 8pm-The Black Keys 9:30pm-Buffalo Springfield 11pm-Eminem 12:20am-Screening of 8 mile (I’m just curious to see who watches this after seeing Em live, ‘roo Stans?) 12:45am-Scissor Sisters 2:15am-Gogol Bordello 2:30am-Girl Talk

Sunday: 1:15pm-Mavis Staples (Just learned she was Sam Cooke’s boo.. thanks CBS Sunday Morning.)  3pm-Tig Notaro 4:10pm-Children’s Hospital [Adult Swim] (Cool down and watch this hilarious TV show) 4:30pm-Robyn 5pm-Cold War Kids 5:45pm-30 for 30: Reggie Miller (essential watching for basketball fans, if you are all music-ed out) 6pm-Robert Plant 6:15pm-Beirut 6:45pm-The Strokes

If you are like myself, and pack last minute, I’ve listed some non-camping, basic survival essentials after the jump that you want to make sure to have.

  • 5 pairs of socks, underwear.
  • 5 Shirts, shorts
  • Windbreaker/Hoodie
  • Gum
  • Water/Bottle
  • Gold Bond (Worth it’s weight in.. Gold.)
  • TP
  • Blister Kit + Bandaids
  • Cash $$$, to avoid the ATMz.
  • Baby Wipes
  • Clif Bars (or whatever bars you like, it’s what I get by, food wise for the majority of the festival)
  • Flashlight (so you don’t step on sleeping hippies scattered around!)
  • Poncho (a solid one.)
  • Bandanna
  • Cell Phone charger, extra battery
  • Hat (pref. *not* black and wool)
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste (and special cleaner for those with grillz, right, Lil Wayne?)
  • Pen (to write deep thoughts in your moleskin journals)
  • Flip-Flops
  • Towel
  • Plastic zip bags
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