Copped: Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode T-Shirt.

Yesterday on Twitter, Sportaphile mentioned an amazing blog entry by Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch, where he is holding some “I’m ya daddi boi toy give a way” which includes “lots and lots of toyzzzzzzzz”.  Amazed by the content, I was browsing around the rest of the blog and noticed he had his own line of merchandise.  Then I saw it, a Beast Mode t-shirt…but it was sold out everywhere on the internets. However, during my search for it I came across a tidbit that mentioned it was for sale at Tops Supermarkets in Western New York.  In a matter of seconds I scrambled out of the house. Once I got to the local Tops, I saw it, a wire hanger was holding the medium sized holy grail amongst other Buffalo sports teams apparel on a really wobbly rack. As I paid at the self-checkout (I didn’t want people judging me for buying apparel at supermarket (who needs streetwear boutiques?), I contemplated acquiring a pair of Zubaz pants to match.. I quickly realized that would be going too far.

It should be noted: The Bills aren’t even my favorite team, but Marshawn has really impressed me this year (its hard to avoid Bills games around here).

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