Copped: CDs from Fat Beats.

From left to right: Quasimoto-”The Unseen”, Von Pea-”Grand Vonye”, Black Milk & Bishop Lamont’s “Caltroit”. I bought ‘em off the online FatBeats shop.

The official release of “Caltroit” is a little disappointing, package wise. I covered it here and was pumped for a proper booklet and everything. But nope, just a single double sided sheet with the track listing and cover. They took Bishop’s name off the CD because of some kind of label issue, so technically it’s a Black Milk project, at least in name.

Have any of you listened to these albums? I know Hangover_monkey is a Lord Quas fan

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  1. AaronM

    I still need to listen to the whole thing. I want to support Madlib and his 90+ bands/projects/aliases so I thought I’d cop it.
    “Good Morning Sunshine” is oddly calming to me, despite Quasi’s helium raps.

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