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It’s just one of those days

Hold up for a second. Forget all that bullshit assclownery going on in music right now. Forget Souljah Boy. Forget auto-tune. Sit down. Pour yourself a classy drink (ginger ale and rye is always a good choice) and sit down in a comfy chair. Lee Morgan has something he’d like..

T La Rock In A Jewish Nursing Home.

(amazing T La Rock photo via earfuzz) G at GRANDGOOD unearthed a 1996 article in the New York Times about T La Rock’s time spent in a Jewish nursing home. After receiving brain damage while trying to break up a fight in the Bronx, he moved to the Haym Salomon..

Me and Nardwuar.

Hey, I forgot to mention this happened: I went to see Nardwuar’s band, the Evaporators, earlier this month and I got a chance to meet the man. Nardwuar is very friendly and a seriously cool guy. It’s a bit late for a full review but I will tell you two..


Bill Maher can be a little too extreme for my tastes sometimes but this looks good, he hooked up with the director from Borat for this. Expect many protests.  NY & LA releases on 10.3.08. Sphere: Related Content

I Need To Go Out More.

I was sitting around the pad yesterday when I passed over PBS and noticed someone strange on Sesame St. Will Arnett, from ML praised Arrested Development, was playing the part of a bad magician. I watched the whole thing and I kept wondering what the Sesame St. producers were thinking?..

Badu on the Bus.

[vimeo][/vimeo] This interview was shot during her tour with the Roots earlier this year. She talks about fucking with the Root’s live show, her new album, and her music in general. It also looks like the producers on part two are gonna be the same as on New Amerykah part..