I Need To Go Out More.

I was sitting around the pad yesterday when I passed over PBS and noticed someone strange on Sesame St. Will Arnett, from ML praised Arrested Development, was playing the part of a bad magician. I watched the whole thing and I kept wondering what the Sesame St. producers were thinking? Will Arnett was just playing his character from Arrested Development!!! Seeing this random cameo has now inspired me to search the Sesame St. archives for other, possibly hip-hop related cameos. I never watched the show much as a kid. But I now I see what I’ve been missing.

And, for anyone thats wondering, no I don’t sit around all day by myself watching children’s programming.

2 hours a day…


After the jump is the Will Arnett clip (Funny for me. Maybe not so funny for you.)

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qclBGpRt0b4[/youtube] Sphere: Related Content

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