Clipse Tidbits.

Sooo tired..but must share tidbits. What a way to spend a summer Sunday.

Clipse live at Artscape – Baltimore, MD performing Hot Damn:

*Malice jumped on a hood of a car, wearing new ATC IIs none the less, when it looked like a huge pitbull might be on the loose, in verbatim “Oh hell nah, that’s a pit!”

*Pusha T likes to snack on Cheetos & a bottle of Mistic Tea. “Fucking loves” Chevy Chase, MD and wants to live there.

*Clipse nodded in approval of the ML logo.

Rocket scientists.. guess who’s going to be featured on the Neptunes Beat Drop this week? [Well, kinda sorta… check the Beat Drop for clarification. – Buhizzle]

Big shouts to Dan over at Koch and Geezy.

The Clipse Present The Re-Up Gang in stores August 5th.

Wayyy more today.

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  1. brandonsoderberg

    hey! I was at this! Really good but a little short. It was great when they did ‘Grindin’ beat-less and it seemed less like technical difficulties and more like this bad-ass way to open the show.

  2. Dj01

    Brandon- Thanks for the comment, Short N Sweet sounds about right. I was reading on your site about it, did you check out Whartscape? Did Wiz Khalifa ever show up at Artscape?

  3. brandonsoderberg

    Nah, I’ve gone before, the music’s not exactly my thing and as I said, it cost 12 dollars…the way to describe Whartscape is, since you saw Clipse, all those goofy kids in cut-offs and headbands and slip-ons being annoying…times it by 20 and that’s Whartscape.

    I don’t think Khalifa ever showed up. “Conscious” rap stays losing (sort of). Also, DJ Face the guy who played up to Clipse is in a Baltimore rap group called We & Us that are worth checking into…

  4. Dj01

    Gotcha, HM was bugging about seeing Decon X Spank Rock X Girl Talk but not on a sunday night (I’m too old) after being in 100 degree heat all day. I’m bummed I missed the party on friday at Paradox as well as Artscape on Friday & Saturday, I heard Dave Nada killed it.

    Thanks for the We & Us tip I’ll look into it.

  5. brandonsoderberg

    Yeah, I had to work Sat and Sun, so I missed Kidz in the Hall, and all the great Baltimore acts and seeing how close and accessible Clipse were, it would’ve been even better to see any of those others on such an intimate stage.

  6. Nick

    So Pusha gave Chevy Chase another shout-out aside from “Back in the Go-Go”? What’d he say?? lol

  7. Dj01

    To clarify: The thing he said about Chevy Chase was when I brought up him shouting out Chevy Chase on “Back in the Go Go”.

  8. Nick

    haha that’s funny…i always assumed he had shopped in friendship heights once and gotten too excited!!

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