A True Story


Time for Rehab…….

Ok, Get this. I woke up this morning at 6:00 to go and meet lethal for a Rockcorps volunteer thing for a ticket to see Ricky Ross, and Ghostface. Now we are both students and staying at parents home’s over the summer so when I pulled up at his house..

Suburban Maryland Jogging.

I really like the guys jogging outfit..shit I like hers too! After such a phenomenal response (telepathic of course, see: 0 comments to the post) to the fart in the shoe aisle story, here is another ‘story’. So being the gadget whore that I am, I’ve been jogging (or “yogging”..

DC Metro: Providing Quality Entertainment

So I was browsing the Washington Post aka WP (for the cyber streets) for more signs of how DC/MoCo area keeps it gully. I used to write about this quite a bit, if you don’t recall check the archives. Well anyway, I came across this piece, and I’ve had my..

Back from Mecca

Guttah Tired and worn I return to bring the word!!!! The word is Guttah……allow me to elaborate. I was recently (6 hours ago) in the capitol of hip-hop, NYC. Sticking to my usual plan of gulliness I hit the streets in search of some shit that I could not photograph...