DC Metro: Providing Quality Entertainment

So I was browsing the Washington Post aka WP (for the cyber streets) for more signs of how DC/MoCo area keeps it gully. I used to write about this quite a bit, if you don’t recall check the archives. Well anyway, I came across this piece, and I’ve had my share of stories, and these too are pretty good ones.

I might as well tell my story, Some buddies and I were headed down to the Talib/Mos Def/Pharohe Monch show at the 9:30 club. We got on the Red Line at white flint, as soon as we got on. I noticied a guy, dressed some in timbs and baggy clothes, sitting near one of the doors on the car and was fumbling around, going through like all his pockets, looking at what looked like years old papers that were very worn. A few minutes later he caught my attention again. He took out a walie-talkie and start franticly talking it to it saying shit like “Green 43, 34″ then “Blue 43 82″, while looking frantically down both sides of the metro car. At first this went on for 10 minutes, I thought there was gonna be some gang or some shit he was calling in. A lot of the folks on the train (mostly your standard over 40, white, dc vistors) were starting to get worried and shook looks. Then he started to dissemble the walkie-talkie yet he still continued to yell out those same codes.. this continued for the whole ride to Gallery-Place/Chinatown, I didn’t want it to end but we had to get off the train, But ever since I’ve always wondered if there was an exciting conclusion to this mans train journey.


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