Time for Rehab…….

Ok, Get this. I woke up this morning at 6:00 to go and meet lethal for a Rockcorps volunteer thing for a ticket to see Ricky Ross, and Ghostface. Now we are both students and staying at parents home’s over the summer so when I pulled up at his house I decided to call his cell as to avoid ringing the doorbell and waking the entire family. So I did, and he didn’t pick up. After trying several more calls and waiting for 30 minutes I called a friend to get Lethal’s house number. After waking up, and confusing my friend I drove around the corner (because I’m a coward and would rather piss off his family with a distant phone call than with a direct knock on the door). After several unsucessful phone tries I was fed-up with Lethal’s lack of initiative and decided to get on the train and go down to DC myself to do the volunteer work (mind you, I did call Lethal another 10 times or so during the trip). After a 45 minute train ride I arrived on the outskirts of Northern DC. (Note that throughout my commute I had been frantically looking for other volunteers and had found none.) I got off at the train station and came to find that the directions I had recieved from boost mobile left me at about a 7 mile walk from the station to my destination. This left me with no other option but to walk, a decision that would have made me late (and thus ineligible), and robbed as I had to walk through about six miles of “Rough DC”. Frustrated I decided to cut my losses and head back home. After an hour-long trip I arrived back at my local metro station and went back to my house relaying the sob story to my brother. Then, around 11pm I recieved a phone call from Kathy at boost mobile. Embarassed because of missing the event, I cut off her talking immediately explaining my entire story in detail, at which time she replied to me “i’m very sorry your directions were wrong sir, but the event is tomorrow.”

I was speechless for an hour. I checked the dates so many times I had been building up for so long and I was a day early? Later I recieved a call from lethal which started with him suggesting that I refrain from crack-cocaine use that early in the morning. I explained the whole story and felt it worthy of a post. Hilarious.

Full Concert coverage from Me and Lethal will come following the concert on Sunday….err…..Monday
I need to lay off that pipe………


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